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I am a graphic designer, surface artist, and cartoonist. In college, I was a Linguistics major. As a self taught artist, I received my real education through the museums, galleries, and streets of New York City, where my studio is based. The City is a symphony of sights and sounds that endlessly inspires me.

My sketchbook is replete with doodles that have led to the creation

of over a thousand original characters. 


My surface art has been licensed for over 70 novelty quilting fabric designs. I have published 3 books and produced a line of products based on my designs. 


My motto is “Draw what you want to see and write what you want to read. It’s not drawing outside of the lines; it’s creating your own lines.”

In my spare time, I play violin and ukulele, study Japanese, and pamper my cat.


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All images are original works by Ellen Liebenthal

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