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500/1000characters Puzzle 1000 Pieces

Size 20 X 28 inches


Ellen has been creating cartoons ever since she was able to hold a pencil. The scribbles in the margins of her school notebooks led to original characters and comic strips.  With a new sketchbook in hand, she wanted to find a way to combine her undergraduate degrees in Linguistics and Art. What began as 10 drawings, quickly turned into a collection of 100. When her goal of 500 came in sight, she aimed for more. 1000charactersTM sounded cooler anyway. Each character has its own language system and fun fact. 1000charactersTM is the love child of theoretical linguistics and an unbridled imagination. Please enjoy this puzzle which features the first 500 characters.


For more information on each character visit @1000characters on Instagram.


1000characters Puzzle

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